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Manufacturing Process

Our factory has been associated with commercial suppliers of Fabrics to facilitate all the processes involved in garment manufacturing nearest to factory premises, this enables us to reduce the time spent in completing others while meeting dead targets of buyers.

All our machines are the latest available in the market, and whenever required, we always flourishing most modern equipment’s. All our departments are equipped with the latest equipment’s to maintain the high quality standards that we have set for ourselves

Marketing Department

This is our motto representative department to ensure long lasting relationship with customers,

  • Major responsibilities included revival and stability of the account.
  • The core values of their Customers / BRANDS (Price competition, Quality Consciousness, Product availability)
  • Very Close observation on their upcoming trends & requirements,
  • Fully responsible to generate the advance businesses through CRM (Customer Relations Management)
  • Buyers satisfaction and priorities to be safeguarded and implemented through applied experience and expertise.
  • Responsible for compliance and implementing business codes of conduct and related issues.
  • Presenting and conducting Management Meetings within and outside of office.
  • Organizing customer’s visits to all our global facilities and analyzing country’s progress and evaluation reports.

Merchandising Department

Back bone of Innovative Apparels

Ownership of all his accounts to perform all below Corresponding in a professional manner with customers Once they have confirmed their orders to plan that order while coordinating with production departments. Obtaining targets and meet buyer's requirements with successful results through SCM (Supply Chain Management) Our keen, extensive and aggressive Merchandising team comprising Experienced and trained MBA’s functions with the core objective of rendering Ultimate customer satisfaction through product development.

Flawless Communication with the same passion & motto, Merchants must inform to buyer in case of anything or any process that cannot be possible, Liaise with accessories suppliers local and imported, Organize developments, and shipments according to buyer’s deadlines. Promote good customer care and anti-discriminatory practice.

Research & Development

We pride in our ability to continually expand the market sectors through innovation, developments of new Products & improved methods, This strength of Innovative Apparels will continue to hold us in the rapidly changing arena of textiles. A very assertive/creative R&D department is always busy in developing Innovative product development (Fabrics, Embellishment) enabling to meet upcoming international trends, We always encouraging R&D staff with special bounces on achieving their dead targets. Our R&D team’s new targets are neon performance and Fire Retardant fabric with their standards.

Production Planning & Control

This is our core departments with following key responsibilities through
MRP (Manufacture Resource & Planning)

  • Capacity evaluation / utilization & planned the empty slots,
  • Design the production flow for smooth & efficient executions with the close co-ordination Of IE,
  • Standardized the Allowed Minutes with the Help of SMV by sharing PPC inputs with IE,
  • Generate the Time & Action Plan according to the worth of our current facilities / SAM elaborating by IE dept,
  • Find out the best quality provider with price competitiveness like Yarn / knitting / dye Houses/washing / garment dyers / woven fabric suppliers etc.
  • Establish flaw less communication channel between the internal departments, Merchandiser, Fabric div, Procurements, Productions In charges, Sampling,
  • Keep in focus the elements which may effect on T & A (Like Electricity / gas loadsheddings / transportations/ Man power etc.
  • Proactive approach to identify the problem & resolved before it comes in Emergency.

Quality Assurance & Control

This is in our main focus to improve the quality more than our customer satisfactions,

  • Improve upon assurances, relations, and deadlines through TQM concept,
  • Promoting quality achievement and performance improvement throughout the organization,
  • Develop, implement, communicate and maintain a quality plan to bring the Company’s Quality Systems and Policies into compliance with quality system requirements,
  • Working with purchasing staff to establish quality requirements from external suppliers,
  • Liaising with customers’ auditors and ensuring the execution of corrective action and compliance with customers’ specifications.
  • Organize and manage quality assurance function in close co-operation with the customers and with the Company’s
  • Management team (Member of Management Team).


Again personal attention ensures that all the fabric issuance for cutting department is properly inspected and thoroughly checked for relevant factors before being forwarded to the next stage of production, Under Internationally recognized 4 point system, The cutting department is centralized with capacity to cut over 3,000 pcs per day to feed all stitching units. We are going to install CAT/CAM system for cutting marker & lay planed.



With over 100 stitching machines, manned with the most skilled and expert operators, capable of producing about 80,000/pcs per month (Basic to semi fashion).

We have 02 stitching units & All stitching units are equipped with high-speed precision stitching machines Operated by skilled labor experienced in shaping fabrics into the different product sizes and styles as per the requirements of buyers from various countries.

The Quality control and Quality Assurance departments are in place to make sure the company’s objective of zero defects.

Garment Finishing

Finishing department at Innovative Apparels comprises of automatic hydro-extractors for the removal of moisture from the garment, Finishing input (style, color & size wise) Initial quality check, Spot Removing, Pressing, Inspection, Hang tag, Get up change, Folding Poly, Bar code (buyer wise sticker), Cartooning/Packaging Final inspection by buyers.


This is our core departments with following key responsibilities SCM (Supply Chain Management),

  • Ensure the all on time bookings with good service providers,
  • Co-ordinate with customer nominees freight forwarders,
  • LC relevant documentation with our any discrepancies,
  • Co-ordination in all Bank relevant matters,
  • Responsible to hand over the goods on time at minimum cost,
  • Make the all necessary arrangements of transportation according to the customer requirements, Visa Documentations & processing,
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